The only thing you need to do is fill out a credit application and you’re good to go. you can call, email, or fax us for a quote and you’ll experience the ‘Coast to Coast’ swiftness and ability to exceed your expectations.

Coast to Coast is the ultimate choice for all your transportation needs. Shipping solutions carried by us is superior to all, as well as the unbeatable combo of price, service and value.

Our team is equipped to handle same day pickups until 2:00 PM every day. It, however, depends on till when the shipper being used is open to be able to ship shipments.

NO! Due to the high volume of shipments that we handle every day, we have aggressive rates that are forwarded to our customers to take advantage of.

Part of Coast to Coast’s special services is that we take the whole brunt of the claim unto us by immediately going into action; filing a claim with the carrier, following up on the status of the claim and assuring that the customer is reimbursed quickly and easily without any customer involvement.

Yes, at Coast to Coast, we cover the full value (with a small deduction) if additional insurance is requested and paid for prior to the shipment being picked up, feel free to discuss with our team or your sales manager

YES! Coast to Coast offers pricing per pallet on certain lanes, therefore, our customers will know right away the cost of their shipment to the lanes without going through the initial phone calls or emails every time. We would like to inform you as well, that we have a portal option too where customers are able to check rates with a click of a button

Coast to Coast notifies customers via email which states pickup and delivery time, as well as transit times of every shipment. Keeping record of shipments is an easy task with Coast to Coast.

BOL is the abbreviation for Bill of Lading. It is used by the drivers to identify which shipments are scheduled to be picked up. The BOL usually contains the pickup and ship to address as well as the amount of skids picked up, including the weight of the shipments. Bill of Ladings are either issued by the customer or the shipper. Here at Coast to Coast we offer to make all BOLs for our customers, and we forward it to all parties necessary. This way he can complete the shipment without any errors.

POD is short for Proof of Delivery. When Coast to Coast delivers a shipment, the receiver has to sign that he received the shipment as a ‘proof of delivery’. In that way, we know that the shipment was safely delivered and can relay that information to you.

We keep the BOLs & PODs for 3 months

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Easily calculate distance between 2 zipcodes.

Freight Class Calculator

Freight classes are a way to categorize any shipment, basing on its dimensions and weight.


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